Bachelor's Degree in Film Music



This course is designed especially for passionate music students who want to build their career in film music. The objective of this course is to convert students of music into successful Music Directors. First of its kind in india, it is a combination of both Indian and Western musical genres along with a strong base in Classical music from both cultures. Students will learn various aspects Composing Songs for various situations and Scoring background music for the entire film by understanding the grammar of music. In this course students will learn a variety of subjects like Music theory, Music Dictation, Melodic Transcription, Tonal Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Scoring, Conducting, Music Programming etc. Students are also taught their preference of musical instrument i.e Piano or Guitar which is a must in this course.


1st Year

  • Music Theory Studies.
  • Music Dictation.
  • Indian Music Notation Studies.
  • Instrumental Study.
  • (Piano and Guitar - All 4 Years)

    2nd Year

  • Advanced Level Music Theory.
  • Melodic Transcription.
  • Music Composition.
  • Applying Raagas in Film Music Composition.

  • 3rd Year

  • Music Arranging and Programming.
  • Tonal Harmony - 1st Year.
  • Advanced Melodic Transcription.
  • Indian Film Music Studies.
  • History of Western Film Music.

  • 4th Year

  • Tonal Harmony - 2nd Year.
  • Counter Point.
  • Orchestration.
  • Film Scoring.
  • Studio Basics.
  • Conducting.

  • Requirements


  • Age 16+
  • The student must have a good knowledge of English language (both reading and writing).
  • Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Any sequencing software (Cubase or LogicPro).
  • The students should be able to sequence music using MIDI keyboard.
  • The Students should also know how to use VST Plug-ins.
  • The Students should buy the Trillian, Omnisphere, Piano, Electric Piano, Groove Agent. Battery and Guitar VST Plug-ins.
  • PC or Mac system.
  • Good Soundcard.
  • MIDI Keyboard.
  • Weekly three classes of two hours each.

    Duration of the course is four years.