Playback Singing



Playback singing course specially designed for the vocal students who wish to become playback singers. This course is a Scientifically designed with a lot of practical and time-tested exercises to learn the technique of playback singing. The students get proper guidelines to develop and regulate Breathing exercises, warm up exercises, Daily Exercises to keep the voice in good health and also given carefully selected graded songs, for daily practice to keep the voice in good form. The playback singing course divided into two learning sessions, the first session will be in the classroom and the second session will be in the studio.


Classroom sessions: classes in the College.

  • Warm-up exercises of Italian Bel canto method
  • Daily exercises Swara Alankaras in 10 Different raga's
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Study of Intervals: Graded Exercises to sing intervals of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & Octaves.
  • Identifying intervals Exercises
  • Singing different Types of intervals on a given Tonic pitch.
  • Major and Minor Mode concepts: Identifying & Differentiating Between Major and Minor Mode Songs
  • Chest voice and Head voice Low voice and High voice concepts.
  • Falsetto Exercises for Low Voice singers to sing higher notes.
  • Yodeling Techniques: when and where to use.
  • Chromatic Intonation Exercises.

  • Aural Study:
  • A) Small phrases of two bars and four bars listening and singing.
    B) Learning how to add Expression to these small phrases.
    C) The Concept and technique of Improvisation (Manodharama).

  • Expressive Singing Techniques:
  • A) How to Use dynamics in singing.
    B) Vibrato techniques.
    C) How to Sing the lyrics of a song with required Expressions.

  • New Pallavi is given to each student to check how fast a student grasps and sings.
  • Studio Sessions: classes in the recording studio

  • Microphone Techniques:
  • A) Soft singing-close mic technique.
    B) How to control Loud singing: away from the mic technique.
    C) How to avoid pops and thuds.
    D) Headphones technique.

  • Mic singing Practice in the studio.
  • Giving each student a Pallavi to grasp and sing ASAP.

  • Different style of singing techniques.
  • A) Love song.
    B) Emotional song.
    C) Pathos song.
    D) Husk singing technique.
    E) Patriot song.
    F) Happy song.
    G) Folk Song.
    H) Item no.

  • 10 Important songs for daily practice to keep the voice techniques in good health.
  • Final Session: Four popular songs are given to each student to sing, and these four songs recorded in a professional studio. These four songs will be professionally stereo mixed and mastered and will be given to the students to have it as a demo CD of their singing, which they can show it to the music directors for opportunities.

  • Requirements


  • Age 16+
  • The student must have completed three years of vocal training in either Karnatic or Hindustani (preferably pass in Senior Grade exam in either Karnatic or Hindustani)
  • Two hours of daily Practice is compulsory to get 100 percent benefit from this course.
  • Hardware Requirements

    The student should have a good Cd player at home, to play the study material given for practice purpose.

    Required Textbook

  • None required.

  • Weekly one classes and each class is one hour.

    Duration of the course is six months.