Music Arranging 1



Music Arranging 1 is the first course in Music arranging where the student learns and masters the fundamentals of Music arranging, which is, arranging for Rhythm section consisting of Drums, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Keyboard. The student will learn the principles and techniques of writing for drums in various styles, writing for Bass Guitar in various styles, writing for Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar in various styles. The concept of using the keyboard (Piano and Rhodes) while arranging music in a chosen style.


  • Drums Structure.
  • Pop Drum Groove.
  • Rock Drum Groove.
  • Techno Drum Groove.
  • Indian style drum Groove using drums, Dholaks and Tabla.
  • Bass Guitar Structure.
  • The function of Bass Guitar in Rhythm section.
  • Using the notes of a triad to construct classic Bass Guitar Grooves.
  • Using diatonic and chromatic approaching notes.
  • Writing in Pop, Rock, Techno and Indian style Bass Groove.
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar.
  • Writing Acoustic Guitar Strumming styles in various styles.
  • Learning the concept of writing Arpeggios, Chugs and Power chords for Electric Guitar in various styles.
  • Learning the concept and technique of writing for keyboard in various styles.
  • Final Project.

  • Requirements


  • Age 16+
  • The student must have completed the Music Theory 1, 2 and 3 Courses or must have completed Grade 8 theory exam conducted by Trinity College of Music, London or ABRSM. The Student should be good in Western Music Notation reading and writing
  • Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Any sequencing software (Cubase or LogicPro).
  • The students should be able to sequence music using MIDI keyboard.
  • The Students should also know how to use VST Plug-ins.
  • The Students should buy the Trillian, Omnisphere, Piano, Electric Piano, Groove Agent. Battery and Guitar VST Plug-ins.
  • PC or Mac system.
  • Good Soundcard.
  • MIDI Keyboard.
  • Required Textbooks

  • Music Arranging and Orchestration by John Cacavas.
  • A Handbook of Musical Knowledge by James Murray Brown.


    Weekly two classes and each class is one hour.

    Duration of the course is four months.