Orchestration course is an advanced level course in Music Arranging. This course teaches the students:

  • The art of distributing the four-part music to the Orchestra consisting of Woodwind Section, Brass Section, Percussions and String Section.
  • Individual instruments Ranges and Technical possibilities of a Symphony Orchestra consisting of the Woodwind section, Brass Section, Percussions and String Section.
  • The Techniques of using the Orchestral Instruments for writing solos (Foreground Material), Middle ground material (Counter-Melodies) and Background material (Orchestral Accompaniments).
  • How to Write for the Combination of Instruments.
  • Transcribing piano music to the Orchestra.
  • How to use the Orchestra as Accompanist to Vocal Soloist or the Choir.


  • Bowed String Instruments.
  • Individual Bowed String Instruments.
  • Plucked String Instruments.
  • Scoring for Strings.
  • The Woodwind Choir.
  • Individual Woodwinds.
  • Scoring for Woodwinds and Woodwind-String Combinations.
  • Introduction to Brass Instruments.
  • Individual Brass Instruments.
  • Scoring for Brass and Brass Combined with Strings and Winds.
  • Percussion Ensemble.
  • Keyboard Instruments.
  • Scoring for Percussion with Keyboard Alone or in Combination.
  • Scoring for Orchestra.
  • The Orchestral Transcription.
  • The Orchestra as Accompaniment for Vocal Soloists.
  • The Preparation of Score and Parts.
  • Final Project.

  • Requirements


  • Age 16+
  • The students must have completed Music Theory 1, 2 and 3 courses or must have completed Grade 8 theory exam conducted by Trinity College of Music, London or ABRSM and should be good in Western Music Notation reading and writing.
  • The student must have completed First Year Harmony (Tonal Harmony Course) or should be good in four-part writing. It is not possible to Study Orchestration without completing the study of Tonal Harmony course and Counterpoint course.
  • Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Any sequencing software (Cubase or LogicPro).
  • The students should be able to sequence music using MIDI keyboard.
  • The Students should also know how to use VST Plug-ins.
  • The Students should buy the Kontakt Library, Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Woodwinds, Hollywood Brass, Orchestral Percussions, Orchestral Keyboards, Piano and Groove Agent.
  • PC or Mac system.
  • Good Soundcard.
  • MIDI Keyboard.
  • Required Textbooks

  • The Study of Orchestration by Samuel Adler.
  • The Technique of Orchestration by Kent Wheeler Kennan.


    Weekly two classes and each class is one hour.

    Duration of the course is four months.